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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Heaven Trees

You should have seen the trees around here yesterday! I call them "heaven trees" because when I was a little girl, I imagined that the trees in heaven would look just like this! (Oh the joys of assuming that earthly elements are also in Heaven... I love a child's mind).

The sky was a sparkling blue as though a crisp ocean of blue frost had fallen into the sky. You can imagine the breathtaking contrast of the white frost-dipped tree tops gracing us with inspiring beauty... one of those days where you could just stop the vehicle dead in its tracks and just LOOK.

Even the air has a different "feel" to it on those days... sound travels as though on the back of ice itself! Almost as though the atmosphere was an optical illusion of fragmented diamonds... you can almost hear crystals in the air!

Can you imagine the infinite beauty of a Creator who can conjure up such spectacular scenic visual indulgence? It's like cheesecake for the eyes! An optical paradise! And a photographers DREAM!

It was also one of those moments where you stop dead in your tracks soaking in the immense beauty for miles and miles around and think, "and God knows such tiny details as the amount of hairs on MY head???"

Doesn't that just take your breath away? When you are a painter, you know EVERY brush stroke, every memory and thought that played a part in the masterpiece for EVERY PAINTING... and God is no exception! He created each and every individual one of us with such detail that He knows precisely how many hairs are on each of our heads. (As a friend of mine pointed out once, it's not that she is losing any of her eye lashes, it's that they have begun migrating to random spots on her body!) So even with every baby-hair-grabbing moment, God knows exactly how few hairs you have left!

And yet this very artist, this Creator of all things conjured up the stellar beauty of our universe, the infinite poetic flow of neutrons and solar systems...

And this guy cares about the hairs on my head??? (and for all you bald people, at least He knows the hairs in your ears or nostrils or on your toes and knuckles so don't feel left out... hee hee hee).

Sigh... one of those humbling moments that reminds me I cannot even begin to fathom His love for us that He grants us such magnificent beauty all around us... that He sent Jesus to die for our sins so that nothing could keep us from being with Him ever again... He wants our hearts to mirror His beautiful creation so that those who have not come to KNOW Him yet may stop dead in their tracks and gasp at the beauty of what they see... stray hairs and all!

I want so much to be like those Heaven Trees. I want my heart to be PURE as the snow and ice that covers their every limb. I want to uplift people's hearts when I am privileged to be in their presence! I want the beauty of God's love within me to offer hope and gratitude.

The journey is life-long but in the end, I pray that my roots will be strong as they grow in their faith that I may one day be one of God's many, many Heaven Trees.

God bless you all out there, for the beauty in your hearts. I am sorry for those who do not see it but rejoice at the ones who do! I am especially glad that God knows your beauty as He looks upon you, His child, with the same tenderness He had in mind when creating all that is beautiful. Thank you for your life! Thanks for being here... a part of His creation.

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