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Sunday, 10 January 2010

The DAZE of my life

If you are anything like me, you are probably snorting with laughter at the pun in that header (proudly brought to you by my father... whom I get the pun-disease from). He read my blog recently (as he is attempting to take on "advanced technology"... proud of you, dad!). He came over yesterday and said, "It's like reading the beginning of a book! You should really write a book and call it THE DAZE OF MY LIFE AS A MOTHER.

So, a little promise in my heart to my father (and my mother, too, who has always been a passionate writer) that someday, I will attempt the humble process of writing a book and its many, many anticipated rejections with the hopes that I will actually have the privilege of dedicating it to my two biggest fans: mom and dad!

One can always dream...

And the dream does not end there! Then I think about all of you who have been joining me, witnessing my life journey, being a part of it through prayer and through YOUR time of checking in... some of you I know personally, some I know indirectly and some of you I do not know at all (in person, that is). But I like to think that I KNOW you as one knows the wind... or warmth. It is not measured or tangible and yet you cannot deny its presence. So how do you dedicate a book to ALL the people who have been a part of it?

Let's just hope that IF/WHEN that day comes, I will know exactly what to write.

In the meantime, I will just continue to blabber and stumble clumsily along my life path, spewing forth whatever comprehensible words I can (assuming I have had any form of coherent thought) and hope that they reach you. Maybe I could even make you smile!

Oh the gift of making someone smile... is there anything more rewarding? Ok, maybe birthing a child, conquering that first PERFECT roast chicken, feeding a small army of people called your family... ok, so maybe there really are some highly rewarding things in life, but making someone smile is definitely up there!

So wherever you are at this moment (hmmm, I guess it is safe to assume you are in front of your computer?) just do me the honour of giving the screen one great big grin! That's it, let's see those pearly whites (hopefully no one has just entered the room and wondered why you are showing your teeth to the computer screen).

Send out that smile, feel it lift your own spirit, let it invite goodness into your heart and its resulting freedom! Do me the honour of being a part of this little moment in YOUR life as I often wonder what I could possibly do for you that you have done for me...

And with that, I bid you adieu knowing we have shared in this little moment. And nothing could EVER touch that. Isn't life just beautiful?

God bless you... the read and the unread... every single one of you!

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Anonymous said...

Too precious! I'm sure smiling - "Cheese"!! :-)))))))