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Monday, 10 November 2014

Avalyn's Sweet Goodnight

As I was tucking Avalyn into bed last night, she giggled that wonderful giggle of hers, jumped legs straight on to land on her bum by her pillows and said "Mommy! I want all fwee (3) bwankets... And fwesh water in my water bottle... Paweeeeease!" I smiled and pulled her up into my arms for a hug and my two year old pulled back, cupped my face in her hands and said "Mommy... You're my best fwiend!"

Every now and again, these moments make themselves known like an angel stepping out of the mist, catching you by glorious surprise and feeling divinely blessed by it.

Simple words but when spoken from the abundance of a truthful heart, their worth exceeds that of any worldly treasure.

Wanted to share the warmth of the blessing with all of you. God Almighty, I LOVE being a Mom to your little lambs! Thank you for this gift and privilege!

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