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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

And then there were six!

There must be some incredibly potent prayer warriors out there because the transformation that has swept through our home since my last post has been phenomenal!

First and foremost, it was finally revealed WHY I was feeling so out of sorts... we are having another baby!  This wee one is truly just "wee" as I am only six weeks pregnant.  But it absolutely astounds me how instantly I fall in love with the little life growing within me!  The breath of God is at work within my womb once more and the honour is so humbling that tears fill my eyes even as I type these words (and these tears reach even beyond my hormones!).

I thought I would be afraid but this little one's presence has filled me with such peace.  Duane and I had spent the last couple of months debating whether or not to get a vasectomy... and depending on the day, we were short of a pop-in visit at the doctor's!!  There is almost relief in knowing the decision is already made.

And it affirms what I have known in my heart for the last two years... that we were meant to have two more children, a girl and a boy.  Sivana Grace was born and so I am left to believe this is the little boy I "felt" in my heart for two years now.  (Well, we'll certainly laugh at me if we end up having yet another girl!!).  At this point, we are so happy with our beautiful family and pleased with how special each child is that we are truly in a space of celebrating merely a HEALTHY child.  If it's a boy, great... my instincts will have been right.  If it's a girl, great... the good Lord has a true sense of humour!

And if it's twins... well, we just won't even go there!

We have decided to hire a live-in nanny for the next two years.  This will allow the four youngest to stay at home Mondays through Fridays when I make the four hour daily commute driving Isabel to and from school.  I have also decided to register with the YMCA/WCA and to make time for self-care three days a week after dropping Isabel off at school.  I am currently the heaviest I have ever been in my life and I am worried about the baby's well-being so a slow and steady fitness regimen is in store.

Thanks to my mother's help these last two weeks, I have already felt the incredible benefit mentally to taking that time to nurture my well being.

I have also registered Ethan and Anika for swim lessons in the Fall.  This next year is going to be incredibly busy and you may not see much of us as we prepare our home and our lives for our last baby but I feel this is a sacred task and I do not want to take it lightly.

We are in the process of interviewing a potential candidate to come live with us and God has been unbelievably gracious in placing an exceptional young woman in our midst....

She was home schooled from grades 8-12, grew up on an organic farm, is an aspiring musician (who is currently making her own CD), has six siblings PLUS two foster-siblings, believes in natural medicine and best of all, has a powerful heart for God!

You guys know me... I set up a brutally honest profile on thinking that no one in their right mind would tackle our family!  But here was this young woman who SOUGHT US OUT!  Can you believe that?  Rather than us finding potential candidates, she CHOSE to register with the website for the sole purpose of reaching us.

If that's not someone pretty exceptional, I don't know what is!

Finances will be tight but God has ALWAYS ensured our every provision and we have been richly blessed with His bounty.

I leave you all on this note.  But I also want you know that something truly mind boggling has come to our knowledge... and it has to do with September 27th.. the eve of the Feast of Trumpets.  Duane and I have a little more research to do yet, but for what it is worth, please read up on the Feast of Trumpets and its theorized messianic significance of representing Christ's return.

In the meantime, I pray for all of you out there with all the love in my heart.  You are my brothers and sisters and I long for our voices to be united in singing God's praises.  His perfection pulls me to my knees and his words resonate through all the universe... even the stars and the planets bow to Him and His every command!  And yet, He knows every hair on your head!  On my head!  All the hairs that will be on this blessed baby's head... incredible!

We will keep you posted!  God bless you all out there!