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Saturday, 30 January 2010

The crap bucket... literally!

I know not every mother would proudly post anything to do with their child's bowel movements, but I am (and here is the special moment of pause) "special". And mostly because this just down right puzzled us!

It was the usual bathtime bedtime routine... Anika and Ethan playing with toys in the tub... quirting animals, little pots and pans, an old 500 ml yogurt container (used mostly to keep water flowing over Ethan's skin). Nothing too special but it keeps the kids happy in the tub.

Ethan decided he would stand up (nothing out of the ordinary) but this time, he looked up at Duane and got "that look" on his face. Duane paused for a moment thinking, what's wrong? Only to hear Anika exclaim "Essan's POOPING!"

Duane leaps up to see that the little yogurt container that had been floating behind Ethan was on the receiving end of two big droppings!

Seriously? What are the odds of that? Now do you see why I just had to post something about this? I know, I know... most grown ups would probably keep their kids' poop stories to themselves. But where is the fun in that?? I think someone should write a book with collective funny kid poo stories! Perfect coffee table material, I tell ya!

Don't worry, mom and dad, that won't be the book that I end up publishing and dedicating to you! Hee hee hee!

Now that I am done laughing and hoping that you are smirking (or groaning) at this entry, I will bid you adieu hoping that this post finds each of you delighting in your day, maybe even reflecting on your own "funny" moments and asking yourself "hmmm, would I buy a poop story book?" Don't worry, there would be no images!

Ok, ok... enough poo talk. Enjoy your day, everyone!

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