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Friday, 3 June 2011

Good Morning Sunshine!

Well, the sun is actually shining brightly this morning; however, the weather these past couple of weeks has been as predictable as my mood!  It amazes me how too much gloomy weather can really lower one's spirits!  Particularly when that "someone's" spirit is Duane during seeding season.


Poor guy.  How many consecutive years in a row of not being able to get seed in the ground do we need to have before something changes?  So many farmers are watching the rain wash away the promise of getting into the fields for another couple of days.  You can almost feel them all holding their breath when a sunny day appears and the notion of "just two more days like this and we can get back in those fields".  Seeding trucks, augers, tractors and other planting equipment all buzzing with anticipation... watching every piece of earth respond to a drying sun!  Almost there, almost there!

And then the clouds roll in as though from nowhere!

It has already been too much for some farmers.  One in particular tried to take his own life... so this morning, while the sun is shining bright, I wanted to send out some prayers to find each of you but also to unite with your good hearts to offer encouragement and support to all of our farmers out there.  Without them, we would not eat.  Their work is arduous and the outcome as unpredictable as a game of russian roulette!

These are hard-working people with families to feed.  I wish there was more we could do than offer up our prayers but for now, I hope it can do more than we realize.  Seeding deadlines are fast approaching.  So to all of you out there, bless you this beautiful morning!  And for all of you farmers, we are so grateful for your hard work and may you literally reap the rewards of your efforts.

May the harvest be rich that all may delight and share in the bounty.

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