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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Chocolate Chip Song

Ethan is in love with his special allergen-free chocolate chips.  In fact, any time we sing our Sabbath song and it's his turn to tell us what he is thankful for, it is always (always, always) "CHOCWAT CHIP!"

Tonight, he wanted me to write a song about his chocolate chips and here it is along with a little slideshow.  The kids' favourite part is when I make an attempt at Cookie Monster singing the chorus about how is tummy is "oh so full of chocolate chips."

By no means is this a professional recording (or talent, for that matter... in fact, you can hear the kids yelling for me in the background) but it made us laugh and of course, that means we have to share it!  I am also chuckling at the fact that Melina now has the tune stuck in her head!

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Anonymous said...

Wish my tummy were oh so full o' chocolate chips! I guarantee you that this tune will stay in my mind too, it's catchy!

Your cousin,

Mike said...

One of beautiful song I ever heard. My and kids love this song so much. It is melodious song.
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