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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Cruisin' Down the Crescent

Well, because we are partly crazy, we are attempting to participate in the Children's Rehabilitation Foundation fundraiser entitled, Cruisn' Down the Crescent.

Over these years, this foundation has been responsible for providing many specialized equipment for Isabel including her wheelchair, stander, bath seat, etc...  More recently, we have submitted a request to help fund a portion of Isabel's $4,000 tandem bike.

I can only imagine the many, many families who have been blessed by their diligence, their expertise and genuine willingness to help families with children who struggle with various disabilities.  It's wonderful to know the world is full of people who strive to make a difference!

Should you feel compelled to contribute, just click HERE for our family's campaign (located in the upper left window) or feel free to visit their website for a generalized contribution.  Either way, your generosity will make its way to families whose lives are richly blessed by it.

Wish us luck!  We'll post some pictures of this adventure as soon as we can!

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