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Monday, 25 April 2011

Some Ethan-friendly treats

My other sister, Diane, has also been on the lookout for wholesome treats that Ethan can partake of.  We were sooooo delighted when she found these amazing Yummy Earth Lollipops.  In fact, that company makes DELICIOUS gluten-free vegan treats of lollipops, gummies & candy drops.  My understanding is that all their lollipops and drops are kosher parve, certified organic & gluten-free; however, their gummies are only certified gluten-free.

You can typically find them at your local health food store but you may be surprised to see them popping up at your  local grocery store, too.  They are certainly gaining in popularity.  We order ours from

We love these treats that contain actual pure vegetable juices such as black carrots & pumpkin.  Yes, I know... you are likely making that funny face of "say what?  Vegetables??" but make sure you TRY these before you diss them!  You will be pleasantly surprised, I assure you!

We keep them on the counter and hand them out "like candy" to all of our guests.  Surprisingly, the parents look forward to them as much (if not more) than the kids!  Hee hee hee.  So be sure to "treat" yourselves to some of these guilty-free candies.  And thank you so much, Diane, for finding this AWESOME treat for Ethan.  I cannot describe the feeling in my heart when I see him looking at what every one else's eating and delights in knowing he can have some, too!

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