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Friday, 22 April 2011

A bicycle built for two... or three... or four!

We are now the proud owners of a Freedom Concepts adapted bicycle for Izzy!

We have a few minor fixes to make (pedals don't keep her feet in & handles are just a little too far away) but all in all, this bike is incredible!  I can hardly believe we can finally go on family bike rides!!

Duane watched eagerly from the window in anticipation of the bike's arrival.  His curious nature wanted to see what kind of vehicle would be used to deliver the bike to our farm.  We were delighted when the bright vehicle pulled in and Duane dashed out there as though the bike was for him and not Izzy!  Before long, he came back in the house somewhat winded saying "that thing can barely fit in the back of the truck but we can transport it with the cab down & strapped in... no trailer needed."

And I chuckled to myself as it dawned on me just how economical it will be for us to take TWO vehicles to our local provincial park for family bike rides... hee hee hee.

The next step was attaching the kids' trailer to the bike to see how well that could work (okay, and for additional comic relief).  Once again I laughed as Duane pedalled around with the toddlers in the back and Izzy in the front.  He had to take wide turns similarly to semi trucks on the road!  I think instead of a tiny little bicycle bell on the front of that thing, we're going to need an actual horn.

All that's needed now are some matching spandex cycling gear & helmets and we'll be the coolest cats in town!  (Don't worry, Melina, I AM kidding!)

This morning, we were honoured to host my family for a fantastic brunch and they blessed us with a collaborative monetary contribution towards the bike AND an incredible healing service for Isabel.

(Cue the tears... sheesh!)

We filled the room (nearly thirty of us) and surrounded Isabel who lay on her bed.  Healing hands, powerful prayers, tears shed and a collective cry out to God for a healing miracle for Isabel Faith... these and so much more united us in our love not only for Isabel, but also for each other.

I tell you all... I would not have been able to face my life journey had it not been for my family!!  I am child number five of six kids and those of you who come from a big family, you know what I am talking about.  We are our own little (or not so little) community and no matter what life flings at you, there is this timelessness... this underlying love that sees you through any differences and/or challenges.  When anyone needs help, we're all in there like dirty gloves helping each other out!

When we all lived within ten minutes of each other, we would do weekend blitzes at alternate homes tackling big household to-dos in one shot.  We'd end the day with a hearty meal together, prayers and laughter and maybe even a game of canasta.

My beloved family... your prayers, your support & presence have been the wind beneath my wings.  I love you so much.

And for those of you who cannot figure out why I sign up for the crazy life of having many children (hey, I can't blame you... sometimes even I need a reminder), well, there it is.  I want my children to have that same gift of communal support all the days of their lives.  I want them to have each other through thick and thin because at the end of the day, what other people think is not what matters... but knowing you share DNA with some pretty awesome people out there in the world, does.  Nothing can touch that.

Some people don't understand our big family motto and have had some questions about quality of time spent with each child.  Well, it's not as much as one-on-one but the kids seem to delight far more in collective time together than one-on-one (although individual cuddle times are sometimes requested... and not just by me!).  Duane and I won't always be here but the kids will always have each other.  And that's what we want for them... a sense of family... of belonging... always.

And that's why this bicycle is just an awesome tool to help foster that sense of togetherness.  I can hardly believe that we actually get to go for FAMILY BIKE RIDES now!  Oh Spring!  Hurry up and make your warmth and presence known that we can kick off the snow from winter and make haste towards the promise of fun-filled summer days as a family!

Thank you for your prayers and the ways that they bless our family.  I love you all so much and pray that you, too, can partake in our family's joys knowing that you played a part in it, too.  Thank you for YOUR presence and the sense of belonging I have every time you check in on our lives.

I am privileged.  I am honoured.

God bless you all!

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