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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A bike for Izzy!

I am pleased to inform you that we are in the process of getting Izzy a very special bike.  A very LARGE bike (we'll need to carry it using a flat deck trailer) but a bike nonetheless!

It is called a tandem bike by Freedom Concepts which essentially is one massive tricycle with a specialized seat for Isabel in the front.  Her feet will be strapped to the pedals which will move along with the cyclist enabling a good therapeutic repetitive motion for her otherwise immobile legs.  (Hmmm, say that sentence five times real fast...).

Izzy's in-school physiotherapist had written a letter of recommendation back in the fall to our Children's Special Services program along with the quote of $5,000 (plus taxes).  Yikes!  Yes, you read that right!  The good news came in this past week that CSS has agreed to fund $3,200!!!  Not only that, but when Freedom Concepts learned that the bike was not being fully funded, they agreed to lower their price to $4,000 (plus those lovely taxes).

This leaves our family with a bill for $1,023.20.  I'd say that's a lot more plausible than $5,000!!!

My dad has given each of his grandkids $100 each year on their birthdays since their births, so thanks to my dad's contributions over these last eleven years, we are able to fund the difference.  (Thank you so much, Dad!!!).

So watch out world!  No seriously, watch out for the extremely large tricycle with the little dinky ringer bell... cuz the Vaags family is going to dare some cycling adventures this summer.  Oh yeah!

Thanks again for your prayers, everyone.  Our blessings are certainly coming at us in abundance (I think to make up for the Florida trip!!) and I thank each of you for that.

Lovingly, respectfully and eternally grateful...



Cindy said...

Good news! I like the new family pic on top! :-)
Your cousin,

Cindy said...

Ummm...I meant that it was good news about the bike. In addition I like the new family pic! :-)