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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Vaccines, H1N1 shots, etc...

It amazes me how we (Duane and I) are treated as parents when Emergency staff or other medical professionals learn that our children are NOT up to date with their immunizations. It disgusts me that we are suddenly treated with curtness and deal with the occasional out-of-line comments on our parenting skills.

Wow, what a way to sell a family on vaccinations!

We stand where we do BECAUSE of the research AND because of the testimonies of people we KNOW. Follow this link to an autism conference (1 minute clip) and see for yourself the families who have witnessed the "death" of their child as they knew him/her because they had faith in the medical system's vaccination requirements. I just feel that vaccinations are a game of russian roulette on our kids because you just don't know who is going to have a life-altering reaction. Is it really worth it?

And what of the annual flu shot? Here is a short commical clip on the ingredients used for the common flu shot. Why do we read labels of food we ingest but do not ask to see the ingredients of what is being INJECTED into our bodies?

I have particularly appreciated Dr. Tenpenny's website (among others). She offers great info on the flu & H1N1 vaccines' ingredients along with studies and other information confirming what seems to be kept away from the public. And why is it not being made public knowledge? I just don't understand! If you love your fellow-man/woman, would you not want them to be as well-informed as possible? Why remove the information that may allow them to sway from your convictions? Isn't that manipulation? ARGH! I feel so disappointed in those whom we are told we must blindly trust.

Blindly trust.

Duane's friend delayed getting his daughter vaccinated until she was two years old... that's our Anika's age. When she received her vaccination, he watched his little girl slip away only days later. She now has autism. I cannot fathom that pain, that anger. Perfectly normal little girl and she whisked from the rest of her life. I cannot fathom the rage.

So please, medical system, be accountable and just admit "yes, sometimes they go wrong, we don't have all the answers, take them at your own RISK." At least let the public know there IS a risk! And give them OPTIONS... do we really need to give our babies so many vaccines?

Jim Carrey & wife, Jenny McCarthy, on this Larry King clip confirmed for me that DIET plays a KEY ROLE in the issues we are encoutering with our children today and the critical role, we as parents, have in educating ourselves and demanding NO toxins in our vaccinations and to limit them.

I am passionate about our little ones' rights and pray, pray, pray that our world will thrive on the TRUE wellbeing of our children, rejecting greed & profit and rejoicing at the sanctitity that is our innocence... because Jesus warned what would happen to those who threatened the Little Ones. Let's do our part to be AWARE and WISE in our choices concerning them.

I love you for allowing me this freedom of expression, I love you for disagreeing with me if you so wish, I love that you are passionate about what is best (regardless of whether we align on what we think that is) and I love that together we have the power to do something. God bless you all out there! And your beautiful children!


Anonymous said...

In truth I don't think it's an easy decision.

I was scared you know what-less of taking a vaccine as I have many allergies and I didn't know what could happen if I did.

However I was told by my primary medical caregiver, that if I contracted H1N1, and it entered into my lungs I could be intubated and on a respirator for 90 days. The side effects from that alone scared me into getting the vacccine for H1N1.

So far I have made out ok post vaccine wise. For me I took the chance, as I was warned that I am in a high risk category.

It isn't an easy choice. I just hope everyone stays healthy regardless of their personal decision. Great health to you and your little ones! God bless you for looking out for your little ones and for just being you.
Your Cousin,

Rita Vaags said...

I know exactly what you mean, Cindy! We ended up deciding to go ahead and vaccinate Isabel because of her pre-existing lung conditions and the fact that SHOULD there be any neurological side effects, she is already in a wheelchair and does not have any fine motor skills. To us, the benefits for Isabel outweighed the risks. I am relieved to hear that you are feeling no side effects from your shot!!! We will be keeping you in our prayers along with the rest of you out there. God bless and peace be with you in this decision-making time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your findings, Rita. In the book, Conscious Health, there's also information re: ingredients and risks, and the fact that many vaccinated people still caught diseases they were vaccinated against! Dad shared with me in a discussion that we had last night that he heard it's only 30% effective...

Pro-vaccination sites quote that only 1 per million will experience problems... I believe it's much, much more than that. That ONE may be the only ONE for which they'll take responsibility.

My heart goes out to Duane's friend and his family, and to all families negatively impacted by this. I think of our cousin Marina and her little boy; I think of James' little cousin you told me about; I think about all the horror stories I've heard or read about...

Take care & stay healthy!