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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Busy Bees!

The hive here is buzzing with excitement as we get further and further ahead with renos! We have just LOVED the people who have been involved in this project. I will be posting a special thanks to the team a little later when I can get accurate contact info (and their permission, of course!).

I have been busy patching our gloriously "character" plaster walls (oh if only you could detect the tone of sarcasm in my voice). I may have a future career in taping & mudding! The best were the two walls with wall paper... and those of you who have experienced wall-paper removal have just groaned, am I right? First it's peeling off whatever bits you can by hand, then it's scouring the paper and spraying it with fleecy/water mix, then it's peeling the remaining chunks... followed by washing the walls with TSP then you have to wash the TSP off... SHEESH! Then it was patching, sanding, patching some more, sanding then priming... anyone else getting tired? Finally (oh finally, finally, finally) it's taping along all the windows and edges and yes, the glorious moment of ACTUALLY painting the walls (which is what I wanted to do a whole week PRIOR).


Can you guess why I have NOT been able to blog lately? And the only time I could get the work done without the little ones trying to climb the ladder, or dip toys in TSP was after their bedtime so I often spent my nights working until 1 or 2 in the morning.

But you should see how beautiful the den and living room look... ok, minus the two walls that are in the process of getting "reno-ed". They look like brand new walls! And yes, I will likely cry the first crack I see. But for now, it is BEAUTIFUL!

I have many blog entries i hope to post including "the art of loading my children into a vehicle" and "the first of many yet to come"... I will have to leave you intrigued by the titles in hopes that I will have the chance to sit and write some more. Afterall, I miss you when I don't make a point of connecting via the power of intention!

But life feels so good these days. Sometimes I feel guilty for the many privileges we know here... good wholesome food, a beautiful house, warmth, freedom, space, running water, electricity... I could go on and on and on. We are so richly blessed! I am free to express myself and to journey in my faith without fear of persecution. I can even SHARE my journey with others, connect with you via the internet... it truly is amazing.

So here's hoping that you have missed me, too! And that we can delight in this connection together. Even though I cannot see or know each one of you connecting with me through these words, there is great peace in knowing that God does... and if we are all created in His image, then somewhere deep within me, I, too, know that it is you. God bless you deeply and fervently!

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JaneS said...

I was just reading something that came in the mail & I thought you might want to check this out (if you haven't already).

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