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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Anything but that!!!

That does it! I am going to have to sell my poor Ethan on Kijiji or something. I told God "I am willing to give up everything except garlic" which I should honestly know by now is an invitation to have that very thing you are UNWILLING to give up forcefully taken from you.

I am talking about this morning's appointment at the allergy specialist's office. We skin pricked him for Vegenaise (our egg-free mayo), Hemp seed (because I am DETERMINED to find a source of Omega-3 he is NOT allergic to), tomato, honey, turmeric (super incredible healing properties), lime, Agave Nectar (only form of sweetener he does NOT seem to react to), red pepper (a non-citrus source of vitamin C), onion (cuz it goes in everything we eat) and our beloved, sacred, creme-de-la-creme... GARLIC.

Surely he wouldn't be allergic to garlic but I figured the kid still hasn't cleared up despite eliminating just about everything else. His allergy to garlic is as high up there as milk and eggs and fish... ARGH!!! At least now we know WHY he hasn't been clearing up all this time.

But seriously... garlic? C'mon! That's just mean! Anyways... just thought I'd update you on the newest developments: severely allergic to garlic & vegenaise, highly allergic to hemp seed, tomato, honey and turmeric, NOT allergic to lime, agave nectar, red pepper, onion & mushrooms. Take care out there! And enjoy your garlic!!


Anonymous said...

OH MY!! It'd be near impossible for me to give up garlic!! :-)

Poor little Ethan - he's allergic to more and more things. It is good that you're aware of what these are, to help him stay healthy. Bonne chance!

xo Diane.

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you God for red pepper, onions and mushrooms! Just those veggies, grilled, are very very nice. It may come to that...

However, I can hear your heart breaking over veganaise and tomatoes! Alas, poor guacamole. We hardly knew ye.

I guess it's another step toward clear skin for Ethan, anyway. How are his iron levels doing?

He looked almost ready to talk in the last video. Is he verbalizing yet? I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oigh! The one good thing is that allergies can change in time. I know mine have. So hopefully his will improve soon!
Your Cousin,