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Sunday, 6 December 2009

His bigger picture through Ethan

The more I read labels and research the SOURCES of foods in hopes of protecting Ethan, the more I am discovering that ALL OF US are in need of protection! I cannot believe the TRUST I had that our government and our "farmers" had the integrity and to ensure that what they were producing and marketing was healthy and valuable. After all, doesn't that make sense?

The deeper you dig, the sicker you become in discovering that the drive and motivation is not nutrient-dense foods to NOURISH our nation or better yet, our local people but to PROFIT. Are you serious? Does money replace looking into the eyes of your HEALTHY child? Or that of your grandchild? Does money make you homemade cards or flash you a toothy grin with twinkling eyes? Why is there such a draw for money? And why is it becoming more important than the public's safety and basic rights to GOOD food?

Ethan has certainly had a purpose and he has suffered a high price to bring us a new depth of knowledge we never dreamed. I used to complain that we couldn't order pizza on Friday nights anymore... now I am counting my blessings! After a long hard day, the last thing I wanted to do was spend another hour or two preparing another meal FROM SCRATCH (making my own mayo with kosher ingredients, homemade broths from our own grass-fed beef bones or raised chickens, etc...). But I am realizing now that God has granted us the most valuable gift! Proper health!

Despite poor sleep, I still feel more energized than I have in years. Despite a limited diet, my skin is the nicest it has been since I was a teenager (pre-zit years, of course!). Mental clarity could still use some improvement but my overall health and vitality is at an all-time new level!

Because now I KNOW where our food is coming from!

Duane and I just finished watching a film documentary called Food Inc. If any of you wish to borrow it, we can certainly make it available to you! Or feel free to come over for a gluten-free raw sunbutter bar and watch it with us! But it is an eye-opening educational tool for us to know the VEIL that has deliberately been placed between us and our food and the BULLYING taking place between our ethical and hard-working farmers and major corporations that control our food chain... I am sure you know who they are... If not, Food Inc. won't hesitate to inform you. Did you know farmers are not even allowed to save their own seed anymore?

Doesn't that seem creepily wrong to you? I'll have to look back and see if I posted about my "dream" I had back in July about five major combines that were devouring all the world's crops... they each had their designated colour and while the world was blinded by a performer or speaker, behind them our world was being devoured in a pillar of fire generated by these five combines.

And so God has answered our prayers, as He always has, and always in a way that we least expect: "Father, help us to be stewards of the land, to produce nutrient-dense food to loved ones and beyond, to be healthier and be close as a family. And help me lose my 'baby weight'." Yes, a little selfish in the end, but He delivered that one, too by completely changing the way we eat.

I have officially lost sixty-six pounds since I was nine months pregnant with Ethan. AND while nursing which is a first for me!

So here is my prayer for you: "Father bless all of your children here on earth and help us to find the wholesome food you created for us. Lead us away from foods that have been altered and that now suffer the consequences of working outside of your perfect creation and bring us back to the simplicity and beauty of your food and make it accessible to ALL people. May we all find health and peace in knowing you have provided for us. In Jesus name... amen."

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rita,

After reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I have come to realize much of what you've realized through first hand experience in caring for Ethan, and your family. What's happened and is happening to our food supply is WRONG. It has left us with the goal of getting our own farm, source out heirloom seeds and heritage animals, and living off the land. This way we would know how our food was raised, what's NOT in it, etc.

Congratulations on your discoveries, on achieving your personal weight loss goals (I'm still working on that one!!!!), and for creating the healthiest and most nurturing environment for your loved ones. Thank you for your prayers that this be available to all. Afterall, I believe it is our right to have food that has not been altered beyond recognition i.e. denatured...

Much love to you and yours,
Diane xoxo