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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The ups and the downs

Do you know the sheer irony of feeling as though my life with Ethan is a roller coaster ride is that I have NEVER been on one... unless you count the kiddie one at Tinkertown!

We had a glorious four days (and nights) of Ethan sleeping nine hours straight. He looked beautiful and slept soundly. Truly answered prayer; however, a couple of nights ago, I heard him stirring a lot in his sleep and hoped he was just being restless. The night before last, he woke up a couple of times but settled relatively easily after nursing. But last night, he barely slept. His eyes are red rimmed again, the itching is overwhelming him again and the welts are beginning to return.

So? Four days on two weeks off? Is that sounding like the pattern here? We brought him for another chiropractic adjustment today so we'll see how he does tonight. So far, not a peep out of him... but I have learned not to hold my breath!

I am just so glad we get to know those glorious four random days of healing. Duane and I can't stop caressing his soft cheeks when he is well.

So we continue to plug away at whatever we are trying to accomplish which is overall health and wellness. This experience has certainly made us count our blessings for the health we each know around here! What a gift it is!

And here's hoping you are all blessed with the gift of health, too. Take care!

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