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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Singing in the rain!

As you can see from this video, Ethan has had a down right miraculous recovery these last two days! I am reminded of the very signature at the bottom of my emails "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning how to dance in the rain." Good things always come out of what appears to be a bad situation...

I had done something damaging to my left shoulder Tuesday morning that left me unable to pick up the kids or work in the kitchen. We headed off to the chiropractor where they took some x-rays and gave us all an adjustment. It has been nearly six months since we've been in. I can't understand why we don't make it a MANDATORY event because every single time Ethan gets an adjustment, he sleeps SOOO well! Last night, he slept for 9 hours straight!!!! He has NEVER done that before! And yesterday, he had a three hour nap in the afternoon... another first for him.

The sleep has been an obvious God-send because his body has responded with incredible healing. His appetite is ravenous and I just can't keep up with nursing and shoveling what few foods he can eat down his throat!

The other incredible help is Glaxal Base Cream. We have used countless creams claiming to have miraculous results. We watched eagerly as each one cleared his skin for a few days... but after those few days, it is as though his skin became immune to the cream and it would flare up with a vengeance. We stopped spending the mega bucks on these creams and stuck with what the allergy specialist & pediatrician recommended: Vaseline Creamy. But the problem with Vaseline Creamy is that while it replenished some moisture to his good skin, it seemed to really aggravate the flared up spots. Finally we found Glaxal Cream at Costco, 450g tub for $15 (wayyyy more affordable) and his skin is responding better to this than any previous creams! And it is NOT a pretroleum-based product... woo hoo!

So, combination of prayer, chiropractic adjustment, sleep (for the first time in his life), Glaxal Base cream, small dose of hydroxyzine (antihistamine), and maybe even the tapioca all seem to be contributing to a miraculous healing.

It's amazing how you notice the sun shining when these types of stressful times finally pass. It is BEAUTIFUL outside! The leaves are bright with yellow readiness to take their leap of faith, the air smells crisp with the promise of a swift autumn... even the cats appear chilled by another summer come and gone.

I forgot to notice these things lately.

But not today. Today is beautiful, marvelous... down right FANTASTIC! Thank you for your positive feedback & gracious prayers. I look back at the last entry and acknowledge it as that moment when you first stub your toe... you yelp, it hurts like the dickens, you hop around like an idiot feeling sorry for yourself but before you know it, the pain subsides and you make a mental note not to make a mad dash near the corner of the bed ever again!

So I choose to learn from these last two mistakes and thank God that we are two steps closer to a healthier Ethan. That is ALWAYS a good thing. Much love to you all! And of course, God bless!!!


Anonymous said...

Priceless! I'm so happy to hear that Ethan has slept, that his skin is healing, and seeing his new tricks is a super-treat for me. Hooray for videos! That will be a treasure for years to come. It's so sweet to hear you laugh!
Did you get any feedback about your shoulder?

Anonymous said...

That's great. I should have thought to mention Galaxyl based cream. It's amazing stuff. It's the only thing that works for me. Most other lotions irritate my skin as well. I'm so glad things are better. Woohoo!
Your Cousin,

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita!
I just watched your video, and was so blessed to hear you laugh, and to see him looking so great and having fun. What joy. Can you give me a call sometime?

Amy's Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh my! So sweet! His little head bobbing and dancing to the music is tooo cute!! AMEN to miraculous healings - may Ethan continue to experience health and happiness. It IS beautiful to hear your laugh, and to read your wonder in the preciousness of your son, and in the natural beauty of the Fall tapestry which is already changing before our very eyes!

Diane xoxoxoxo