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Saturday, 12 September 2009

The beauty of wuv, sweet wuv

Just had to share this precious little moment with Anika...

We were sitting at the supper table and she was just gleaming with her happy smile. I turned to her and said "Did you know that mommy and daddy love you soooooooo much?"

Her grin grew even bigger.

"And mommy and daddy love Ethan, and Isabel and Melina, too. AND mommy and daddy love each other! That's lots of love!"

And before I could turn back around and take another bite of my meal, Anika wisely leaned over to me and said "And we wuv you, too, mommy."

Me, butter... Anika, sun... MELTING!

Not only that, but ever since we had to bring Ethan to emergency that one night. Anytime we go to get her from her naps or bedtimes, she exclaims happily, "you came back!"

This morning, she woke up and came to me and said "Mommy, I came back!" I happily replied "You DID come back! Hooray! Where did you go?" And she replied "I came back to my famiwee." Too cute, I tell ya!

And lastly, she has been honing her negotiation skills lately. She has a slight obsession with "chocawat miwk" which is a minute amount of chocolate soy beverage topped up with rice beverage. Several times a day, she has to have it. The rule at supper time is that she only gets one cup so if she drinks it all at once, too bad. On this particular supper meal, she drank her whole cup before eating a single bite of her meal. She put the cup down and said "I NEED chocowat miwk, please." I replied "No, my dear. You already had your one cup and now it's all gone. No more chocolate milk."

She cocked her head to the side and said "Mommy, you want to say 'yes'."

Of course I burst out laughing and said, "No, Anika... I don't think so." And she smiled and said singing sweet voice "Yes, mommy, I think so." Once again, I shook my head and she made one final attempt "How about 'yes', mommy?"

Too smart! Two years old and she can just about negotiate her way out of anything she wants! There is nothing sweeter than our children's "wuv, sweet wuv". :)

Here's hoping you are all surrounded by precious "wuv" not only by those around you but also by our Father's gracious and abundant love for you now and always. God bless!


Anonymous said...

From your cousin,

Anonymous said...

Just wait until she learns to print and gives you options with boxes to check off. Like you did when you were young, she will ask if you love her and toput a check mark by the choice of answers - something like yes, of course, and always! Anika is as adorable as you were, Rita.