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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Big fevers for little people

Well the flu is rampant among our household. I had VERY high fevers for four days last week and a headache that made sticking my head in a vice seem like an inviting offer! Anika still isn't quite right although she is MUCH better than last week.

Unfortunately, Ethan developed a fever on Sunday and it persisted for a good 24 hrs. When he was fever-free, he was left with major sinus congestion but at least he never developed the cough that Anika had. He has not been himself since then with very few nursings and major irritability... he's up every hour or so during the night since Monday.

As you can tell by the timing of this post, I am up with him tonight with some concern and come to you for prayer. He is burning up again and now with the deep chest cough. I know I shouldn't be scared but there is just this underlying fear... and of course there's all those blasted comments I have made about wanting this arduous journey to finally end.

I find myself whispering "I would rather have you here all eczema-ish and full of allergies than not have you here at all! I need you, not sleep!"

Why do our brains do this? Anika has fought this, I have gotten over it, Izzy finally got over it (after two weeks), Mina and Duane have been spared so surely this is just a passing ailment... right?

Anyways, had to put my over-emphasized concerns out there in cyberspace just to get them off my chest. Duane and I are treating Ethan with colloidal silver in 45 minute intervals with the deepest prayer that all will settle by morning. Here's hoping you are all in good health! God bless...

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Cindy said...

Wow! I am sorry to hear that you have been having a rough round with the flu. I hope that there will be a speedy recovery and plenty of belly laughs in the near future!
Your cousin,