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Thursday, 9 July 2009

RV there yet?

Well, our household managed to get over the flu although poor Ethan was left with quite the nasal congestion. Even now, the little guy looks like he was attacked by the mucous monster!

Despite a rampant flu bug (sparing Duane and Melina, thank goodness) we also managed to find a second hand motorhome in preparation for our BC trip to visit my sister and her family. My other sister & her kids, my mom and my brother and his son decided we would all caravan out there to see our beloved sister whom we have missed dearly since her move out there in January. You can imagine how eager we were to embark on this journey considering our crew: a disabled ten year old, highly allergic nine month old, active two year old and a teenager! Honestly, you think all of us in a van for twenty four hours of driving would be do-able? I don't think so! So we looked into renting an RV (which was ridiculously priced) and decided to go out on a limb and buy one instead with the hope of flipping it with minimal loss should we not like it in the end.

Well... WE LOVE IT!!! It's the first time EVER that I have been able to go "camping" with Isabel!

So I am actually typing this from the back room of our motorhome on Duane's and my third anniversary (as he snores beside me) to say a big hello to all of you out there. The ocean is next to us as are many, many other cramped RV's (honestly, I have no idea how people manage to manoeuvre these things so close together!!!

It is wonderful to be together as a family but the time is very hectic for us with nap times, nursings, tube feedings and diapering three children. Not to mention that I have had to cook all of our own meals due to our extreme dietery restrictions. This was another reason we decided to travel with a motorhome... the convenience of cooking all of our own meals!

So there you have it... we are healthy, we are here safe and doing our best to make the most of our time together. Here's hoping you are all doing well wherever you are and how ever you are feeling at this very moment.

God bless you and may He bring you tranquility in your lives and a beautiful, restful sense of peace. Much love out there!

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Cindy said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip, and safe home!
Your Cousin,