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Saturday, 25 July 2009

A Tenta-lizing Tail

During our stay in BC, my siblings and I headed out to Victoria for a couple of days. There we visited the several museums including the wax museum, the BC museum (super awesome), the miniature museum, etc... Our last evening, we decided to eat at a sea food restaurant (much to Melina's chagrin).

Believe it or not, when I asked the waiter "do you have anything gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and nut-free available? Oh, and soy-free?" he was surprisingly quick with a suggested modified menu item... Salad... WITH salmon.

The best part was when my sister ordered calamari and I watched painfully as this delicious smelling gluten-ridden-dish with garlicky sauce got passed around. Needless to say, when it got to Melina who held it and said "what is this?" I told her "JUST EAT IT... FOR ME, PLEASE!!!" My brother, David, the ever clever-comment mastermind notified my horrified teenage daughter that it was SQUID.

"Ew gross, Mom, I am NOT eating that!"

"Come on, just try it! I bet you you'll love it." Others chimed in with encouragement until finally she was about to take a bite when David (oh wonderful uncle that he is) told her "yeah, it's like chewing rubber when you bite into the TENTACLES."

Well, we were back at square one until finally she just put it in her mouth and chewed it with her eyes closed as though we'd just asked her to eat her cousin's dirty socks.

David is laughing and Melina finally opens her eyes and says "thanks alot, uncle David! First you tell me it's like chewing rubber and then you tell me I'm eating TESTICLES!"

Everyone went quiet for a moment and then we all burst out laughing. Melina starting thinking about what she'd just said and realized the error, turned beat red as our table roared with laughter... or was that just me?

Ah Melina... you never cease to make us laugh. Boy do we love you!

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Anonymous said...

That's a cute story! I'm glad you got home safe.
Your Cousin,