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Sunday, 14 June 2009

B-A-D spelt BAD!

No, that is not a misprint... Spelt is an ancient grain that we thought we could try with Ethan via my breastmilk. According to the Chinese medicine doctor, spelt was a grain he did not SEEM allergic to. We were hopeful as this would mean he wasn't completely allergic to gluten AND it would mean eating more than just corn & rice thins!

So yesterday, for a Sabbath lunch, we had spelt pancakes. So delicious... first time we have had pancakes in over three months. We bowed our heads and prayed that it would bring nourishment to our bodies and be safe for Ethan.

Then the worst part... waiting to see how Ethan handles the next few nursings.

Well, his mouth turned red around the edges right after the next nursing but his mood didn't seem affected. By the time middle of the night feedings arrived, he was scratching his legs and his tummy was making those strange gurgling sounds it made when he was at his worst. Oh no!

This morning, he woke up looking like he had just been in a street fight and he just spent the last two hours crying and screaming (with occasional bouts of contentedness). He is not wanting to nurse because he knows it is causing him pain. I finally got him to fall asleep in my arms minutes ago. It breaks my heart to see him in pain.

No more spelt in this house! Let's just add that to the ever growing list! But hey, at least we are getting EXACTLY what we have been praying for: answers! And we know that he can have relief from this... in fact, Friday ended up being an awesome day/evening. I'll post another entry about that one with some pics... we went bowling with Duane's family and it was a blast!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. They are slowly being answered and TRUTH is revealing itself slowly but surely! And isn't that better than NEVER knowing what is wrong? So thank you very much!

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Anonymous said...

What a darling boy! I am so sorry to hear of what he endures and what you experience as a parent. You have a valliant spirit.

I hope that you receive the answers you need soon. Love and prayers to you and yours!
Your Cousin,