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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Strikin' good time!

On Friday June 12th, Duane's family and I got together to celebrate our May & June birthdays. Considering Isabel's was among the birthdays celebrated, I asked if we could all go bowling as this was an activity that Isabel could participate in.

Part of me wants to let you guys imagine how on earth a severely disabled little girl could possibly go bowling... a giant pendulum for her to use its momentum to get the ball going? How about an arcade approach with a huge sling shot device that whips out a strike every time (and some mild alley repairs)?

Well, it is not nearly as complicated as any of these (but isn't fun to use your imagination?).

Isabel's wheelchair can roll right up to a table tray that is slightly angled forward and comes to a point at the ball ramp. The slightest movement of her arm and she COULD likely push the ball enough to roll down the ramp and towards the pins.

It was great to have my two nieces help choose Isabel's ball and to help push her hand towards it. They're enthusiastic cheers when Isabel would hit a pin were positively priceless and Izzy would flash them a big grin.

The evening was another ring master moment of helping Anika to bowl (and not run through the other occupied lanes OR use someone else's turn) followed by helping Isabel, followed by trying to bowl my own game in the adjacent lane, etc... Thank God Duane's mom was available to keep Ethan happy because in the whirlwind of flying/tossed/rolled/dropped bowling balls, (and my lack of sleep) I likely would have unintentionally ended up trying to bowl Ethan!! Not good!

Ethan was in GREAT spirits! He had pretty much completely healed by the time we had this gathering and was in a great mood, fascinated by the black lights, the flashing arcade game and the sound of pins getting knocked off. The best part was when Aunty Maureen was holding him next to the lighted game box of stuffed animals. Ethan saw his reflection against the back mirror and proceeded to smoosh his face against the glass and laugh at his reflection. For one of them, he looked like a Star Trek baby!!

So it was a rip roaring good time despite the fact that I bowled the lowest score... yes even lower than Anika and Isabel...

But hey, this was all about the kids! (Weak laugh).

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Anonymous said...

Message to Isabel & Anika: "Way to beat Mom at bowling!" :-p

Seriously, Rita, what a wonderful family activity. How Isabel must have loved being included in the festivities and bowling herself!! :-) I'm so happy for all of you.