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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wrapping things up

Well, through blizzard storms & icy roads, we managed to get Ethan to his appointment with the allergy specialist this morning. Unfortunately, his skin was too severely erupted with eczema to do any skin allergy testing. In order to get his skin under control and relieved enough to do some proper testing, we are doing WET WRAPS... yep, you guessed it... we simply wrap him up in wetness.

Ok, so I'll elaborate a little more: we give him a bath (no soaps, just a good soak) and within three minutes of getting out of the bath, we lather him & grease him up like a little piggy in Vaseline Creamy Intensive Care Therapy lotion, immediately get him dressed in WET clothing (yes, I know, I shuddered at the notion, too) and then cover him up with DRY clothing. You can read a summary of the therapy at

Apparently we only need to do this for a week or two with impressive lasting results. I am excited at the possibility of finally alleviating his pain! I have to admit, he looks pretty cute all mummified. He reminds me of those specialty pears you buy from the store that come individually wrapped. hee hee hee!

The doctor also wanted to put Ethan on an elemental formula free of dairy and other possible allergens for two weeks. This is where we will need more prayers because he has FOUGHT us tooth and nail on taking a bottle. I just bought some adiri bottles (they won a medical design excellence award in 2008) because it best mimics an actual breast. I can't help but giggle when I'm holding this thing... and blush! We could use a good laugh these days so it is welcomed.

I have the wonderful joy of pumping for the next two weeks. Oh joy, oh joy... there is nothing like feeling as though I belong in a barn with the other milking cows! Always a lesson in humility around the corner for me (sigh).

And would you believe the timing? My mother has managed to get a week off work to come and stay with us. We agreed to it this morning before we even discovered what this next week would entail: two wet wraps per day, attempt at getting Ethan to take a bottle, pumping, sterilizing and making formula.

So that's our two week tackle for now. We welcome your prayers for Ethan and thank you for the invaluable support you offer us in the ways you are present and for caring enough to stay informed via this blog. I love you for caring!

We'll keep you posted... literally!


Jane said...

He is sooooo cute! (Especially with the head wrap :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,

I didn't realize all this was going on with little Ethan.. Best of luck to you and our family as you find your way through this new unknown. You are strong and have many prayers coming your way..

He sure is adorable!!

With love and prayers,