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Monday, 23 March 2009

Ethan's eczema treatment summaries

Hello dear ones! Thank you for the wonderful emails of prayers, suggestions and overall support.

I realized in my last post, I hadn't itemized all of our trials to-date... Here are some things we've attempted:

hydrocortizone creams (cortef & dermatop)
antibacterial creams (fucidin)
daily baths
100% cotton clothing

Aveeno Eczema skin care
Shea butter
Mayan Magic
Vitamin E
Avocodo (NOT a good idea for an allergy-prone child!)
Organic Aloe Vera
Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil
Organic extra virgin coconut oil
Watkins red clover salve

chiropractic adjustments
osteopathic therapy
naturopathic IGG blood test for me (delayed food reaction) & resulting gluten, egg, dairy & yeast-free diet
homeopathic meds (Silica is working great so far! Keep your fingers crossed!)
Removal of all CFL lights (actually made a difference for me, too!)
Removal of all wireless technology
Water testing (still waiting for results)
No detergents, soaps or dryer sheets

Shoot, Ethan has woken up and is crying... will be back as soon as I can!

Ok... I'm back! Some other observations have been:
- He has heart shaped bumps on the top of his head (is this a normal skull shape?)
- He's always had these strange swollen glands behind his ears
- He's never really been able to sweat
- He has difficulty twisting his torso towards the left (osteopath figures it's a liver issue)
- I've never seen tears when he cries
- He had major digestive issues as a newborn, in fact, his gas pains were so severe, they would push his lower vertabrae out PLUS it caused him to have a herniated belly-button. These have since been resolved. But could this mean Gastrointestinal issues?
- He used to pee like crazy and these last couple of weeks, he barely pees... is there a kidney issue and toxins are therefore oozing out of the skin?
- He's had a poor latch since birth
- I had wonky skin during my pregnancy with him. In fact, I called it "my wonky skin pregnancy"... could this be a DNA thing?
- He was very red in skin pigmentation from birth (I just figured he had high iron & making lots of red blood cells). Could we have missed potentially dangerous levels of bilirubin?
- With cytomegalo virus having been the cause for Isabel's premature birth, could it have resurged during this pregnancy & affected Ethan?

Oh me oh my... my brain keeps going and going and going!

And yet a friend offered me such comfort as she reminded me of the apostles out in the dangerous storm in a boat. They were so panicked despite Jesus being among them. How silly to panic over the very elements that abide in Him!

And here I am in my storm... panicked for my son. Have I not even the faith of a mustard seed?? If I stopped trying to GET the answer, would I finally allow God to PROVIDE the answer? If I stopped trying to be in control of the outcome, would I finally give God the chance to PROVIDE the outcome? Am I willing to TRUST His plan for Ethan and TRUST that guidance will be provided and answers found?

And when I finally find solace or rest, I am bombarded with dreams of end times! That is NOT restful at all! Be STILL... be PATIENT... be WISE and TRUSTING. I know all of these things in my mind yet I do not KNOW them in my heart.

I just want peace, healing and rest for my son... I could not imagine loving this world so much that I would watch my son suffer for the sake of others. His love is so tremendously humbling. I seek comfort in knowing that I, too, am His child and just as I ache in watching my darling son, so does He ache in watching me.

I am left with this: God, grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change, COURAGE to change the things I can, and WISDOM to know the difference.

God bless you all and thank you for journeying with me! You are my angels!

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Anonymous said...

Poor little love. He looks so cute with those big eyes! You must be beside yourself sometimes wondering what the answers are and how to help him. He is obviously loved very much, and you are a great mom! You have great faith and that is a wonderful thing. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers!
From your cousin,