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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

And she was gone...

Well, this morning my mother packed her bags and prepared to leave. It felt like a scene from Mary Poppins although instead of "a spoon full of sugar" to help the medicine go down, I would say "just a spoon full of agave nectar helps the colloidal silica go down". Hee hee hee!

It was sad to see her go but she was beginning to look like she could use a break herself by the end of her five day stay! Rest up, mom... you deserve it!

Well, your prayers are rather amazing! Day four was really rough for our little man but would you believe that yesterday was an awesome day? We took him for (ooo, just have to interrupt here because there is a big fat bluejay perched just outside my window... hello bird!) ok, back to what I was saying: We took him for a chiropractic adjustment in the morning and he was in good spirits the rest of the day! Last night, he nursed every two hours but went right back to sleep. No screaming, no writhing just my beautiful son snuggled in his blanket and nursing to his heart's content.

And not only did your prayers of comfort reach Ethan, a friend suggested the Avent trainer sippy cups as an alternative to a bottle and he actually gave it a few sucks! I know, a few sucks isn't taking a whole bottle, but this is HUGE progress! Ah, my optimism is tickling my heart once again... can you tell I have gotten some rest?

When I spoke with a La Leche League leader, she suggested that Ethan might be getting too much foremilk and not enough hindmilk (for those of you who do not speak breastfeeding language, foremilk is the thin milk that comes out within the first few minutes of nursing and the hindmilk is the rich, thick milk that comes later). So I have been having 30-40 minute nursing sessions instead of 15-20 minutes. He seems much more content. Woo hoo!! Happy Ethan means happy mama which means happy household!

I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have such support from all of you. The emails, the offers to help, some of you have even fasted in prayer for Ethan... I am telling you, it is truly HUMBLING! It is these moments that I understand how we could be made in God's image. The unspoken unity is felt through your prayers and my soul rejoices at the unseen ways we have connected.

I think of God smiling and saying "it is good."

We see the allergy specialist again tomorrow morning. Hopefully we can get another weigh in and some results on allergens. Will keep you posted...

On a different note, Duane's mother has been in the hospital these last few days due to cardiac health issues. She would probably kill me with her "if looks could kill" eyes if she knew I was doing this (but I am trusting that she will forgive me) but would you kindly keep her in your prayers, too? If a person could live on will-power alone, that would be mum! She has been faithfully at Duane's dad's side since his stroke over a year ago... a loving dedication that could put anyone to shame. I can only imagine her pain in being away from him this long, unable to help him, unable to be supported by him during this scary time. She is richly loved and I only wish we could do more.

And my beloved husband continues to plug away despite so many things falling a part around him. His strength is honorable, his love is so faithful and his commitment to family is beautiful. He loves them all so much and I can only imagine the burden of an only son who takes on the weight of the world in hopes of helping those whom he loves... even if he does like to do it with a sledge hammer at times!

So here is my prayer for all of you: that you be filled with the holy spirit, that you be filled with peace in the face of your own challenges. May you know that when you suffer silently, it is never unnoticed by our Father whose love I pray surrounds you always and in all things. Be still and bask in His glory. In Jesus' precious name... Amen.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Rita... You have a beautiful soul.

I am so glad that there has been a positive turn in your days, and just in time as your mom leaves after her stay!

We are all here with you, in spirit, and praying for peace and happiness for your lovely family.

With much love and many prayers,
Cindy in Lorette

Anonymous said...

My dear sister,

How I love your sense of humour! Yes, I can tell you've gotten some rest! ;-) I also thank you for your beautiful prayer to all of us. Together, we will continue to pray for complete healing of all those in need, including your sweet babe, Ethan. Mom shared an old Ukranian remedy for eczema(I won't repeat it on here, hee hee), but you may want to read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar, diluted and applied to the skin (Conscious Health book I gave you). Keep sleuthing this out, answers will come. Keep standing strong together, you & Duane, knowing you have love and support from your families and an entire Divine Support Network!!