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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Hittin' the bottle!

My mother is here now and has spent the last hour trying to get Ethan to take a bottle... to no avail. He is one stubborn little guy! He's had two sessions of wet wraps and he's finally wetting his diapers again!! His skin looks hydrated when we finally unwrap him and he isn't attacking his head with his mitted hands anymore. Keep praying that he'll learn to take a bottle. We need him on this elemental formula for just one week to rule out the possibility of a food allergy. We also need his skin cleared enough to finally do some allergy testing. Thanks a bunch!


mvn said...

Darn it, I just left a long comment, and then lost it when I couldn't remember how to sign my name.

Maureen said...

Now I'll try again, and maybe you'll know who's communicating with you!

I can only sympathize with all you are going through with Ethan's eczema. He looked like he was in so much discomfort when we saw him on Sunday, and looked so sad. My kids' eczema was always relatively easy to clear up.

I can, however, empathize with what you are going through with getting him to take a bottle. All three of my girls refused to take a bottle, although Reid gave us the biggest run for our money! Everyone said it had to be someone else to give her a bottle, as she wouldn't take it from me if she could smell my milk. But no one else would persevere! Everyone from Dad, Grandma, to aunts, unlcles, and friends would try to 15 minutes or so, then hand her back to me and say, "Oh, she's so upset, just nurse her already" So she I and would spend hours alone at home fighting with the bottle! I remember one time, after a couple of hours, laying on the bed together, both exhausted by this fight. She was so tired from crying and wiggling, turning her head away, and pushing the nipple out with her tongue that she just laid there holding her mouth open around the nipple refusing to touch it. I, of course, being just as stubborn, refused to take the bottle out of her mouth!

That too, passed, and she finally took the bottle just before I went back to work. But I do feel badly with all that you already have to watch your little guy go through, that this process couldn't be a smooth one. Keep the faith, and we're praying for strength and healing!