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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Been hacked...

So MTS just called to let me know that someone in Europe hacked into our email accounts and was using it for spam. Honestly people, is there not more to your life than dedicating your attention to damage & destruction? I don't know whether to track these people down and punch 'em in the face (I know, good ol christian approach, eh?) or pray for them. Ok, ok... so I'm mad right now and THINK that I would want to punch them in the face, but really if I were face to face with them, I would probably think about their kids' pictures on their desk or tucking them in at night or the fact that they are SOMEONE's kid and that makes them lovable to someone, right? Arg... so maybe I would just want to ask them "why?" What did you or humanity gain from this?

MTS has reset the accounts and hopefully none of you on my mailing list will get anything strange. Honestly, LIFE, can you just let me deal with my son for now and other crap later?

Hope you are all free from email-hacking predators (makes them sound like they've got sharp teeth or something) and strange emails.

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