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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Now Izzy, Too

Sheesh!  Would you believe that Isabel needed her seizure rescue med tonight?  As if picking up on the cue of my last entry, she starting seizing at 7:55 pm.  Five minutes later, we administered her Lorazepam which took eight minutes to dissolve!  Finally, seven minutes after that, she stopped twitching and was making good eye contact again.  Twenty minutes of seizures... I think today officially sucks!

Or maybe it's all about balance?  Afterall, today is First Fruits (depending on which observance of "the morrow after the sabbath" one observes)... which means that our Lord and Saviour is risen today.  Perhaps the wonder of this alone explains the "extra" activity in our home today!

Now we are "counting the omer" as explained in Leviticus 23:9.  Fifty days we are to count (and seven Sabbaths) until the Feast of Weeks or Shavuot which post-Christ becomes Pentecost.  How incredible that our Saviour would have chosen His Father's appointed times for His gifts... His death on the cross at Passover when the lambs were being slaughtered, then rising on First Fruits as the first of the resurrected "harvest" and then the gift of His "comforter" (the Holy Spirit) which is the law within our hearts given fifty days later matching perfectly Shavuot which was the giving of the law through Moses.

Wouldn't that be just like Jesus to make sure that by honoring His timing He has made sure that we have honored His Father's timing?

So despite the upheaval in this house today, we remember the significance of these days and give thanks for a God who loves us so much, He sanctifies us through His commandments.  And what a joy it is to KNOW Him through them!

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