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Monday, 8 April 2013

The Power of Love

This video clip captures the spirit of unconditional love... to look beyond the shell of our bodies and into the breath of God within us.  When the bible says that we can do all things through Christ Jesus, I believe it is through His love.  Can you imagine if we looked into each other's faces with such tenderness?  Can you imagine stroking each other's face with the same gentleness our mothers did?  Can you imagine setting aside the possibility of rejection or humiliation and seek only to connect one soul to the other?  My darlings, I believe we are called to be this way with each other!  And before you go accumulating restraining orders for walking up to people and stroking their faces, reflect on HOW we could start changing this world by changing what we look at in other people.

We all seek to be loved.

We all seek to be wanted.

We all seek to be more than forgotten.

I pray God reveals to you who in your life needs you to look past their "shell" and see their breath of God within.  And I pray you are fearless in reaching past the barriers and touching their soul.  God bless you all out there.

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