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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Baby whose middle name shall be "Enigma"!

Yep... three midwives, a chiropractor, a naturopath, a fetal scope and a doppler machine and still no one can figure out for sure what this baby's position is.  The poor Little One has been poked and prodded so many times that I am convinced when he/she is born, the first thing he/she will do is shake his/her fist at the world and say "Would you QUIT it?!!"  Especially when one of these professionals finds a harder spot, starts bouncing it around and goes, "Oh... actually, I think THAT might be the head!"  Great, I'm sure my baby appreciates you bouncing it around like a basket ball!

So the general consensus is that this baby is still breeched... or it has two heads.  Neither is terribly comforting.

I have seen a chiropractor three times a week who has a 100% success rate with flipping breeched babies... I have had acupuncture done, I am taking a homeopathic med called Pulsatilla and feeling like an idiot when walking around on all fours (I am convinced the latter is just a practical joke on pregnant ladies!).  This baby is nuzzled in a breeched position as if laughing at our every attempt to flip him/her around.


I have to admit, it has been really neat to hear about a lot of other mom's stories regarding their breeched babies.  Some whose babies flipped literally in the birth room, some whose babies flipped, flipped again, then flipped once more!  Some whose babies were born successfully breeched and others who ended up with a C-section.

What I find truly fascinating in all of this is the fact that despite the millions and millions of births, not two of them are ever the same!  It's as though each one is as individual as our fingerprints!  To me, that just adds to the sacredness of the task at hand... playing a key role in the "beginning" of someone's life story whose very life will be as unique and individual as the process of bringing him/her into the world.

At the end of the day, my life and this Little One's life are nestled safely in God's hands... whatever the outcome.  I continue to pray for this one's safe arrival, a beautiful birth story with a happy ending.  Next week, I am considered full term and the promise of looking into my little one's face and seeing who has been growing within my womb all these months is even more exciting to me than the promise of Spring. Even the sun is shining with more fervour these days as if anticipating the same excitement!

This has been a wonderful pregnancy with very few pains and aches.  When pains and aches have visited, they have been short-lived and/or manageable.

Soon, we will "know" who this Little One is and embark on the journey of parenting to the best of our ability and shaping his/her character in preparation for life.  A life that honours our Creator and His love for us... An honoured task... one I can't wait to begin with our next Little One.

Thank you for keeping our baby in your prayers and may this find you all doing well out there... enjoying the Spring sunshine as we are.  May you feel renewed, energized and beautifully exhilarated by the promise of new life emerging all around you!  What a sacred time of year!  Much love to you all... and of course... God bless!

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