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Monday, 13 December 2010

Our darling Sivana

Here we are three months after Sivana's arrival and I have barely said three words about her! What can I say? Ever since that one post where I sent out an S.O.S, she has been an absolute dream baby! I had to cut out dairy and chocolate (oh what a shame) but as long as I stick to those two dietary omissions, we have the most contented little girl on our hands!

These days, she is on the verge of giggling. Right now, tickles and gleeful smiles are enhanced by that little coughing sound which eventually graduates into a giggle. It is such a delight to be witness to these milestones!

She is my baldest baby but oh she is so darn cute! She wakes only once in the night for a nursing and every now and again, she'll go through the whole night (and I wake up in a puddle... or rather, a milk bath!). Those mornings I wake up feeling actually rested only to suddenly be met with the pain and heaviness of rock-hard (man I wish they could still look like this post-nursing) breasts!

I apologize for any visuals this may have caused and will hand out donations for therapy once this organic farming business starts to pay!! Hee hee hee (sorry, Hon!)

And being true to who I am, I will punch Duane in the arm those mornings and say "Isn't it just AMAZING that my body produces ALL of Sivana's nourishment?? And weigh a tonne in the process?? Women's bodies are sooooo cool!!!"

(Please remind me of these statements post-nursing when this woman's body deflates into a state of "what-the-heck-just-happened???")


Wednesday we meet with the nephrologist (kidney specialist) to discuss her multi-dysplastic kidney issue.  We sent blood work in a few weeks back to make sure everything is working well given her one-kidney function.  So far so good... praise God!  Never a dull moment around here!

Suffice it to say that life is gloriously hectic but we cherish the privilege we have as parents. And Sivana has found a place in this family that just perfectly fits in the palm of our hearts... if there is such a place... now wouldn't that be interesting??  Oh good grief, I just can't keep my mind from bouncing around like a ping-pong ball!  Let's try this again... Sivana has blended into our family effortlessly and her presence adds a wholeness to our world beyond all these pathetic attempts at words could ever say!

And with that, my dear ones, I shall bid you adieu as I head off to bed.  Isabel's music is playing softly in the background as she sleeps, the little ones are no longer chiming over their baby monitor and Sivana's breathing over her monitor is indicative of a sleeping angel in our midst.  May you be greeted with beautiful dreams tonight or at the very least, a peaceful night's sleep.

Goodnight, God bless and sweet dreams!

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Cindy said...

I'm so glad she is doing well. Thanks for including the pics of your cuties!
Your cousin,