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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Candlelight - The Maccabeats - Hanukkah

I am drafting an entry on an introspective journey our family has embarked upon where Christmas is concerned. Suffice it to say, that as we delved further into the history/roots of Christmas vs Hanukkah, we have chosen as a family to celebrate the miracle of eight days that occurred at the Temple when one tiny jar of oil burned for eight days straight as the Hebrews devoted that time to re-consecrating the Holy temple to God after it had been violated by the Greeks. It has been loads of fun as we have learned more about this miracle, the traditions associated with it (eating latkes which are fried potato pancakes & spinning a dreidel), and lighting the hannukia.

And I love imagining what this festival looked like when our blessed saviour, Jesus, celebrated it with his disciples in Israel!

We met with a group of about seventy people who share in this same mindset and this video was played. We laughed, we bopped to the beat and appreciated the fun-factor to this video. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Our little ones bounce about like crazy bunny rabbits when we play it! Much love, happy holidays, happy Hannukah, and Merry Christmas! Bottom line, may the love of God surround you this special time of year!

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