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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Well that just stinks!

You know how every house has its "smell"?  You can walk into someone's house and discover the distinct smell of what makes that place "home".  I remember when we left for our BC trip over a year ago, I was surprised to come back home to actually discover our house smell!  Thankfully it was not a terrible smell (thanks to keeping poopy diapers OUTSIDE... a hard lesson learned!).  But that was how I knew we had been away long enough... we were able to walk into our place and sniff what would have otherwise been familiar and unnoticed by us before.

And it is that "adapted smell" that has me blogging this fine morning...

Take Sivana, too, for instance.  When babies are first born, they have that WONDERFUL baby smell that just fills your heart and soul with love and instant happiness.  But all too quickly, the nose adjusts and within a day or two, you assume that baby smell is gone until someone else comes over, holds the baby and says "Oh I just LOVE that baby smell!"

Hmmm, I just assumed it wasn't there anymore.  Which leaves me with my concluding thought of the day...

With our incredibly hectic and busy lives, I am lucky if I can find time to shower once every three or four days!!  I ASSUMED that was okay because I did not think that I had any "aroma" going on.  But I am terrified now that my family (and I) have adjusted to my smell and are not able to tell me "oh mom, go grab a shower before you hug anymore people!!"

So if I give any of you a hug and I smell less than as good as flowers, TELL ME!  I will chuckle, turn a few shades of red, and make a point of taking that blasted shower even if it's at one in the morning!!  I do not want to be the stinky lady, folks! 

You now officially have my permission to tell me I stink... but only if I actually do!

Here's hoping this finds you enjoying your day and taking note of the "smells" in your own life (good and bad... cuz I am always about the good AND the bad) and giving thanks for the incredible gift of smell (unless you live next to a dump or your husband works in a rendering plant... my own husband went to a fire at a rendering plant, did not even have to go IN the building and STILL wreaked of unholy smells for several days!!!  We were NOT so grateful for the gift of smell for those days).

But maybe you can remember the smell of fresh cookies growing up, or better yet, fresh bread.  Or the smell of your grandma's perfume when she would smother you in hugs and kisses, or the smell of freshly cut grass (or hay for all you farmers out there).  Or the smell of a camp fire lingering in your clothes.  And as you reflect on the nostalgic smells that dance in your memory right now, I will bid you adieu and go take a much -needed shower!!  Much love out there, you guys!

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