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Monday, 4 October 2010

Mama called the doctor, the doctor said...

Well, that would depend on WHICH of the very many doctors we are seeing this month!!

Oy, I am looking at our October calendar and giving thanks that Sivana arrived much sooner than right now.  First we had Anika & Sivana in for kidney/bladder ultrasounds on Friday, today Anika had a VCUG (live x-ray with catheter to bladder to see if there is any backflow to the kidneys), Wednesday Isabel sees neurology, and Thursday Sivana sees the public health nurse.  So that is this week.

On the 12th, Isabel sees her pediatrician, the 18th Sivana sees her pediatrician and we discuss results of ultrasounds & VCUG, the 19th we see the midwife for Sivana's six week post, the 20th Isabel sees the opthalmologist and on the 27th is when Ethan sees his allergy specialist.

I never, ever dreamed that my children would require so many doctors' visits!  I suppose the sheer irony of it is that both Duane and I are not terribly big fans of conventional medicine (as you have probably noticed) and yet we find ourselves at the mercy of it some days given the health issues our children face. 

So today's post is brief (as these usually come at the cost of a child here somewhere having a meltdown as I try to type as fast as I can).  I feel like a chauffeur, not to extra curricular activities, but to medical appointments!  I give thanks that we do not have more appointments and that none of our children face terminal health issues.  I write today with a grateful heart that Duane has booked holiday time until October 25th which allows for shared responsibility for these appointments and driving Isabel to-and-from school as well as watching the children.

My heart goes out to families whose lives surround their nearest children's hospital.  I especially remember the mother from out of town whose isolation room in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit was across from Isabel's nearly seven years ago... and her precious little two year girl who was trying to play peek-a-boo with her blanket through the glass walls but was restricted by the many, many wires connected to her.  The precious little girl battling leukemia... I pray God has kept her safe in the palm of His hand, however that may be.

I cannot and will not imagine that place... if I could embrace that woman and just hold her in her suffering, I would have.  If I could have held that little girl and loved her in her innocence, I would have.  I pray that the heart's intentions reach out to others' souls and offers a subconscious comfort when words and actions cannot.  And I pray this finds you all feeling the blessing of your own good health and that of your children or nieces and nephews or parents or spouse, etc...  May it be a blessing you give thanks for each day that you know it.  Much love to you all out there!

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Cindy said...

I can understand why you are not a fan of conventional medicine. It seems a lot of times that doctors have lost that natural instinct to diagnose what is wrong...Unless a test tells them what is wrong, they often say nothing is wrong, or label it as something else.

I have never used natural or chinese medicine either. Even though many people swear by it, and the safety of it. I avoid most western medication as well, unless absolutely imperative. There always seems to be some side effect of something that they find out about later on in the game.

For now I find myself at the mercy of Western medicine. I hope they eventually work out the kinks, and get back to the old instinctive methods of diagnosis that they use to have.

I send a big hug to you and your family. It can't be easy having children with health problems. You handle it with true grace though. Keep your chin up.
God bless you and yours!
Your Cousin,