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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Reality setting in

Alright, so exhaustion is beginning to set in and that blissful place is slowly fizzling into the reality of dragging one foot in front of the other (not fast enough when chasing a toddler and preschooler!).

Not getting a stretch of sleep greater than 2-3 hours at a time really does begin to wear you down like a slow sanding paper working on you until you're a stubby piece of leftover wood!  Where is that lovely high I was on?  Ah yes, the one that allowed me to work very hard for an hour straight at the end of the day cleaning, organizing and preparing for the next day?

Instead, I am typing a post while wondering what on earth I can conjure up for supper before Sivana wakes up to be nursed for forty-five minutes.  Hmmm, I had better get crackin' if I want us to eat before seven thirty!!

Man, if I could spend a whole day just getting woken up to nurse, I think that would be wonderful.  But maybe not getting good stretches is going to keep rejuvenation from visiting my energy level for the next few months.

Oh, and farewell dear patience... at least I knew you again for a couple of days.  I watched all remnants of it fly out the window when I blew a gasket on Ethan this morning.  A little boy not even two... just lost it on the poor little guy.  Stubborn, poor little guy... incredibly stubborn and defiant little guy. 



(Cue the inexplicable tears and hormonal breakdown).  And this is where my husband will walk in and say "And you wanted MORE kids???"  Well... yeah... sort of... maybe... if they would listen, stop whining and let me sleep... then yeah.

So today, I pray for you REST.  Because that is the biggest blessing I can think of right now.  May the Lord find you wherever you are (preferably not at the wheel) and bless you with glorious sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dearest Rita!

May God give you the gift of rest (when you are without), and also the supernatural fruit of patience (when it's all run out).

You are an inspiration!

hugs!!! And Keep kickin' :)