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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Not great news for Izzy

I spent several hours at a few doctor's appointments with Isabel this past Tuesday. Among those appointments was one with the Orthopedics. I have been concerned about the curvature of Isabel's spine for a few years now. Unfortunately, with each appointment that I would ask for a trunk brace or something to assist in preventing further warping, the doctors' responses would be "it's not bad enough to merit any action at this time."

Well, x-rays on Tuesday showed serious scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Her spine is out by 48 degrees!!! Because she is only ten, her continued growth will only worsen the scoliosis...

Looking at the deformity on that x-ray, my mind flashed back to those fearful days when I was going morning and night for fetal assessments just prior to the emergency c-section with Izzy. The only delight I took in going morning and night was to see her perfect little skeletal structure. I would just stare at her perfect spine...

Anyways, we knew that as she grew, we would encounter more physical issues. We should be counting our blessings that they have been few in numbers up to this point. But it still breaks my heart to know that she is far more pain than we know.

We are now being referred to a spine specialist who will further assess and help decide on what can be done to limit further deformity and/or how to correct the damage that has already been done.

Other than that news, Izzy and I had such a blast spending those four hours together! I haven't had one on one with her like that in a LOOOOONG time. It was nice to just stare at each other and "sing" and coo. She is certainly a special not-so-little girl.

I have often felt guilty with how busy I am with the little ones. I used to do pretty intensive and instinctive therapies with her... now our moments together are brief during diaper changes, feedings, med times, bath times, etc... But I do take comfort in the little ones who LOVE their big sister. Anika especially likes to sit "with" Isabel and watch movies together... sigh.

So if you wouldn't mind keeping Isabel's spine in your prayers, that would be fantastic. We are not expecting a miracle but we do hope that we can prevent further damage. Hope this finds you all doing well and enjoying the beautiful privilege of health that you have! It truly is a gift!!

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Anonymous said...

Will do on the prayer request. Peace and hugs to you and yours!
Your Cousin,