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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Go uterus, go!

It absolutely baffles my mind how a teeny tiny little embryo the size of a pea can already cause a woman (particularly this one) to tearfully fold and put away in the "see you in another two years" box all the lovely clothes that she could FINALLY fit back into.

How is this physically possible???

I recall the same thing happening with my pregnancy with Ethan. I found out I was pregnant and within two weeks, I could no longer do up my regular pants! I assumed my body had such incredible cellular memory that it just went right back into pregnant-belly mode.

This one was even worse! I figured I wasn't fitting my pants anymore because I was eating gluten and dairy again, but this little peanut (non-allergic peanut, that is) has stretched this belly out already at only ten weeks in!

Thankfully, when I saw my midwife on Wednesday, she was the bearer of good news... or perhaps that is debatable...

I said to her as I lay down on that little examination table "Gisele! This baby has forced me into maternity pants ALREADY! What is going on??"

Being the pro that she is (she is near retirement and has seen her fair share of pregnant bellies in her day), she probed my abdomen to find the top of my uterus and exclaimed "well no wonder you're in maternity pants... your uterus is measuring 16 weeks!"

WHAT??? And then my favourite...

"Do twins run in your family?" Oh you have got to be kidding me! Wouldn't that just be a typical God-sense-of-humour? Especially if it ended up being twin girls! So we have concluded that either we have a miscalculated due date, there is more than one baby in there OR I just have a super effective uterus that doesn't waste any time getting "into position". This is quite possible considering I measured four weeks ahead with Ethan up until the last month. AND I looked nine months pregnant when I was only five months in!

I love my pregnancies, but I do NOT make it look beautiful and graceful (although my beloved husband would beg to differ and this is why he is one of my favourite people in the whole wide world).

Other than the nausea, I am just falling more and more madly in love with this little person inside of me with every passing day. You would think after four pregnancies, the novelty would wear off somewhat, but it just seems to get more and more fascinating to me! Every little detail is already in place... fingernails, toes, fingers, beating heart, central nervous system, kicking & facial expressions! There is a tiny little human being inside of me!!

And I got to experience that magical moment of hearing the heart beat. The little doppler machines can pick up the heartbeat any time after ten weeks and I am "supposedly" right at that mark so it was not a definite that we would hear anything but the possibility was there.

You always wait for that moment... the first official affirmation that life really IS inside your womb! Until you feel them moving around (16-20 weeks) and until you start showing (supposed to be around 16-20 weeks but not for me!) it is hard to really believe that anything different is going on. But when you hear that little heartbeat that sounds like a little choo-choo train... the undeniable presence of LIFE within your own body... oh dear Father in heaven, how could ANYONE doubt a brilliant Creator after such miraculous unfolding??

So there you have it... I have connected with you this Sabbath completely and totally madly in love with our next Baby Vaags (or Vaagss!) and thanking God for the PRIVILEGE of being capable to bear life. With so many of my friends facing conception issues, we cannot believe how lucky we are that we do not even have to TRY yet we keep getting pregnant. I wish so much I could share this abundant fertility with all my fellow women who have had to accept that they cannot have babies. My heart just aches so deeply... and I think of you, each of you, as you remind me to KNOW my blessing each moment of each day.

God bless you all and thank you for sharing in this miracle of life with me!

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