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Monday, 26 October 2009

Samsung toners

As I try to find responsible ways of "recycling" or dealing with the garbage we are accumulating as a family, I will share whatever resources I can with all of you and store it under the label: Recycling - Mina's Clean Earth Wish.

And as any of you discover other information on how we can be more responsible, please add them under the "post a comment" section. We'll figure this out together!!

Finally, as the title suggests, here is Samsung's Canadian website for their toner recycling program.

My once-so-little girl's wish keeps me motivated... and my children continue to be my inspiration. And the promise of my future grandchildren keeps me searching for ways to better care for our world and each other.

God bless you all, out there! And may your day be a little greener, a little more "breathable", and may you feel positive about what YOU can do.

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