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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

God bless the little ones...

I don't know if I should have a disclaimer here or not but my heart is heavy tonight and I would like to share with you why. Keep in mind that this is my own opinion and experience. I do not expect anyone to believe what I believe but ask only that what I believe be respected and vice-versa.

Tonight I weep for the little ones who are lost to us via abortion.

Now I have many friends who have had abortions, some even more than one. I have wept for their lost babies but have never stopped loving them. I do, however, believe that there is a lack of information about the PROCESS of abortion. Too many people consider that the pregnant woman walks into the clinic pregnant and then walks out no longer pregnant.

But it is the PROCESS of what has to happen that people either ignore or simply have not been properly informed.

When I was barely sixteen years old and pregnant with Melina, I participated in a class debate about abortion. I brought a tape recording of Mina's beating heart at twelve weeks so that everyone could hear the life that was developing even as we listened to it on tape. I brought paintings by severely handicapped persons who clearly demonstrate a beautiful outlook on life despite their challenges. I spoke of Helen Keller who was deaf and blind but who went on to change the world. And I spoke of accountability in being sexually active... an act that ultimately leads to pro-creation.

Lastly, my debate partner and I showed a video called Silent Scream, an ultrasound recording of an abortion being performed. The room went dead quiet as some wiped tears away, some left the room but NONE were unaffected by what they had just witnessed… the brutal death of a child. No one KNEW the process of abortion and none would ever forget it.

Even as I watched it, I clung to my belly protectively and grateful that precious life was moving about within me.

I wept for the women who did not KNOW what was truly being done. I wept for the unborn children and for the millions upon millions who are lost each year.

The documentary can be viewed at "". It provides basic facts of the procedure and is shared by an obstetrician who used to perform abortions in the USA's leading clinics... that is, until science technology depicted that the fetus was in fact (and legally) an obstetrician's SECOND PATIENT.

Even more disturbing are the many testimonials of abortion providers and those who were TRAINED to SELL them via abortion-funded "crisis help lines". You will be appalled at the marketing ploy and the deliberate misinformation given to frightened, fragile & vulnerable young women, the complications that haunted these providers and their motivations to STOP performing abortions. See them here:

If you are reading this and you have had an abortion, please know that you are loved and that I am so sorry that you have ever had to make that sort of decision. I am sorry for the pain you endured both physically and emotionally and I pray for the little life you must have mourned.

I thank you all for granting me the freedom to share these thoughts with you. I pray you receive them with the intention with which they are sent out. And may you join with me in prayer: may the little life that we witness being extinguished in this video live on in our hearts as the sacrifice who brought us truth. And may these little ones be embraced by God’s infinite love for them for all eternity.

I am grateful that you are all here, touching lives in ways you cannot even know and leaving your story in the hearts of those who love you. Peace be with you all. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your courageous sharing, Rita. I believe it is essential to acknowledge the crisis an unwanted pregnancy can be. It is incumbent upon society to ensure supports are in place so that abortion is not the only alternative available to a frightened and vulnerable woman. Legal, financial, medical and counselling assistance should be made available during the pregnancy and for at least six months after the birth.