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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Two milestones in one day!

Well, our little Ethan pierced his bottom right tooth today AND decided to suddenly master the ability to roll from his back onto his tummy. What an exciting day! And Anika has been using the potty several times today, too. So much excitement around the Vaags household!

Melina asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day the other day and I didn't even have to think twice about my answer... SLEEP!! Mina & Izzy will be with James this weekend so I will celebrate motherhood with my children next Sunday. Duane has promised me rest tomorrow as my gift. I am LOVING the sound of that!

As I type this, Anika has come running into the office saying "you're kinning me!" There is no self-awareness like that brought to you by a mimicking child! I didn't realize I said "you're kidding me" as much as I did until Anika has started saying it non-stop. It's funny because when she starts up these strange comments, I always ask myself "where did she learn that?" until I catch myself doing the exact same thing later on.

This dawned on me when we were all at the supper table and a piece of food fell out of my mouth and I jokingly said to Duane, "sexy!" Only to have Anika yell "sessy!" not even two seconds afterwards. Better watch what I say!

Hope you are all celebrating motherhood to its fullest tomorrow in respect for the mothers who bore us into life, for the mothers you have become, for the mothers you know (sisters, cousins, friends colleagues) and a special prayer to all the women who SHOULD be mothers but whose life circumstances have not allowed them to be. May you ALL be blessed!

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Happy Mother's Day!
From Your Cousin,