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Monday, 18 May 2009

Ten years and counting!

Yesterday was Isabel's 10th birthday...

This is significant on many levels. Many people, including specialists, warned me six years ago that she likely wouldn't see the age of ten. I remember sitting in the pediatric neurologist's office as she looked me in the eyes and explained that little ones like Isabel who have significant neurological damage (hence the epilepsy) seldom see their teenage years. She warned me that they often go in their sleep with one last major seizure, and that should that ever happen with Isabel, that we shouldn't blame ourselves.

I left that doctor's appointment to attend Isabel's preschool graduation. I think other parents were looking at me like I was over-emotional about the whole little graduation but the fact was that I was crying because the news hurt my heart so much and all I could think of as she wore that little cap on her head was "this will be the only graduation she'll ever know."

Well, she is ten years old now and stronger than ever! These last couple of years have been the LEAST stressful, health-wise, that Isabel has ever had. We have not had to visit emergency in years, and I can count on one hand how many times she has been sick (which have pretty much only been colds). Our only concerns today are her range of motion, or rather, atrophy and her "growing" needs (lift systems, wheelchair ramp, main floor living space, etc...).

We are looking to either build an addition to our 100+ year old home (which is beginning to feel like it doesn't make much sense) or knock it down and build a bungalow from scratch. You can imagine how enthusiastic we are about taking on more debt at this stage in our economical "low".

But, we can still carry her up the stairs to the bathroom for bathing and up to her bedroom every night. We can still carry her to and from the van. She is well over fifty pounds and getting rather tall but we are managing for now. Our goal is to save up enough money over the next couple of years to be able to swallow the loss in tearing down this house and building new.

So that's where things are at with our Isabel Faith. She is in double digits now, healthier than ever and nothing beats her big toothy grin when she's happy. Thank you for your prayers all these years and for your support. Thanks for being part of the journey!

God bless you all!


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to Isabelle! Glad to hear she's doing well.

Your cousin,

Anonymous said...

The Glow-Bowling party was a blast! Thank you for the cake and snacks afterward as well as the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to Tante Diane (birthday May 8)via webcam.


Anonymous said...

My supervisor has gifted Isabel with iPals speakers that are compatible with iPod, MP3 and CD Players for Ages 6 and up! They are poseable speakers clothed in a tiger-skin alien-looking costume.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rita,

I remember when you told me about that day years ago, and I can honestly say I would have sobbed unconsolably. What a blessing it is to see Isabel reach the double digit milestone!!!! What a blessing it is to hear Isabel is in very good health and spirits!!!! The webcam family gathering was awesome (thanks to you, Rita). I too loved singing Happy Birthday to Isabel (17th), Devin (10th) & Marj (12th), my fellow Tauruses. :-)