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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Best of both worlds!

We are hoping that we have found a way to combine the wisdom & knowledge of both conventional & alternative medicines...

We have been following the allergy specialists protocol for immediate relief:
Topical Protopic 0.03% to Ethan's face twice daily;
Cortef (hydrocortizone) to Ethan's body twice daily;
2.5 mls of Hydroxyzine (antihistamine) at bedtime;
Bactroban (topical antibiotic), for open oozing sores until no longer weeping;
and two wet wraps per day in Buro-Sol.

While administering this protocol, we are also building Ethan's natural defenses & healing abilities through the naturopath's protocol:
Cod liver oil (through my breast milk)
Vitamin D (for Ethan directly and through my breast milk, too)
HMF hypoallergenic bacterial flora (for Ethan directly to help heal his intestines & maximize proper nutritional absorption)
Homeopathic med (through my breast milk) to reduce overall inflammation.

I think I can hear the angels singing "Hellelujah" because our beautiful son is getting better and better with EVERY passing day... no four day curse, no one-step-forward-two-steps-back... just genuine HEALING!!!

Thanks to the allergy specialist's protocol, his skin is actually NORMAL! I didn't know he had WHITE skin! All this time I thought he had good red pigmentation but it was his underslying skin flareup. Poor little guy.

Thanks to the naturopath's protocol, his bowels are FINALLY normal and he is not suffering from bowel discomfort. He is cooing, laughing & smiling, playing, rolling over and has BARELY CRIED for two days.


Last night he SLEPT for FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT!!! I am on cloud nine, baby! I am ready to tackle some chores, cook, sing (I hadn't realized that I'd stopped singing these last six months)... I am just feeling so happy.

My son is healing! He is not writhing in pain! He is HIMSELF again... my happy little guy.

I pray this is only the beginning! You can still see that his scalp wants to flare up & he still itches around his neck now and again but NOTHING in comparison to five days ago.

How do I thank you for your prayers? How can "thank you" ever be ENOUGH? Your prayers guided us to the people we needed to meet, your prayers brought healing to uneasy situations, your prayers have brought sleep to our son and now finally he can HEAL (and hopefully grow).

My mom has spent the last few days here with us again and she has been truly inspiring with recipe creations that meet our hypoallergenic diet restrictions. We should get Ethan's blood results back from the naturopath in the next two weeks and we'll have a better idea of WHAT he is allergic to of the 95 foods tested. We will know his IMMEDIATE allergies via the IgE test he's done & his food INTOLERANCES via the IgG test, as well. There is some debate regarding the latter amidst conventional & natural medicine so I'll try to attach an article that helped us in determining the value of it.

I pray that my own prayers out to all of you (and beyond) are finding you now and bringing you peace in your own worlds, your own families, your own ordeals, triumphs and joys. God bless you all!


Jane said...

Sooooo glad to hear you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Love you! Still Praying for you!

Cindy said...

Oh my your little darling is so cute. In his pictures, he looks like he is feeling a lot better. That is wonderful news!
Your cousin,