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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Best eczema website to-date

I have been puzzled by Ethan's swollen nipples practically since birth. I figured it was a reaction to the influx of hormones crossed over from the placenta during birth but it never really subsided. This lead me to wonder if any of this eczema could be affected by hormones.

I did a search on eczema & hormones and came across the MOST HELPFUL eczema website to-date! It is LOVING, it is ENCOURAGING, it is incredibly THOROUGH with research & personal experience. If you know anyone who is suffering from eczema, I strongly recommend they explore the website:

Even if you DON'T have eczema, the diet recommendation will surely change ANYONE's life. The creator suffered from such extreme eczema that she faced the possiblity of amputation! She claims that she pleaded with God for answers and promised she would help everyone else if He would grant her healing... and she has been eczema free for fifteen years (if I recall correctly). She mentions the possibility of creating too much or too little hormones due to potential thyroid issues.

Her journey is both sad and inspiring... from turning to all conventional routes to all natural medicine routes to finally taking her health into her own hands via diet. No homeopathic meds, no topical steroids, no antibiotics... just FOOD. The right kinds, the right time, the right balance, etc...

I pray you enjoy the valuable wisdom from this website as much as I have!

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