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Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Ever since we have introduced solid food to Anika’s diet, the routine has been: placing her in her chair, putting on her bib, pulling the highchair up close and then holding her little hand as we say, “Thank you God, for this food. In Jesus’ name… AAaaaaaaamen!”

Every now and again when we are all sitting together and we bow our heads, Duane will lead us in prayer and Anika will wait anxiously to hear Duane say “…in Jesus’ name…” because we all chime in together and say, “AAAAaaaaaamen!” It has been a couple of months now that she joins in but the priceless thing is her little voice yelling “MEN!”

So I chuckle because I think us women can relate to yelling this in exasperation at times… and perhaps more prayerfully than we realize! LOL!

The best part was when I was in a hurry one day and I sat Anika down for her lunch. I scooped a spoonful and started it towards her hungry mouth when she looked at me and said “MEN!” Woops! Even my baby is humbly reminding me to give thanks to God for the abundance and nourishment we know in our lives.

For those who believe adults are the ones to teach children clearly have never had their own!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing the things they pick up on?! Wow has she ever grown! And quite a litte darling, I may add.