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Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The attack of the killer turkeys

Springtime air is making its presence known and Duane thought it a good time to let the turkeys run loose amidst the yard.

Over the winter, we discovered that Daisy was infact Daisy “Duke”. We were wondering why one turkey kept getting bigger and puffier and uglier!! He never posed much of a problem; however, you could tell he was becoming a little territorial when we’d come into the coop to feed the goats and the chickens in the morning. He would just slowly walk towards you, excect when you turned your back… that thing could creep up behind you eerily fast! Every now and again, I would puff myself up with my big winter jacket and let him know who was boss.

The three turkeys have been enjoying their new found freedom these last two days; however, when I walked into my kitchen to look out the window yesterday, I let out a little scream when perched right there were our massive turkeys pecking at the window… and admist them, the big ugly Daisy Duke himself looking at me with some sort of new found power… can you say “creeeeeepy”? Tapping on the window showed an eager-to-peck-my-fingers-off side of the turkeys I had never seen before. Once again… creeeeeepy!

Just now, Anika and I were looking out the window and noticed them grazing just below near the bushes. Anika couldn’t quite see them so I decided to wrap her in my jacket and take her out for a quick peek. As soon as we got out there, Daisy Duke came barrelling towards us puffed up like a peacock or some war-adorned warrior. Normally, just pretending to kick at him would ward off any uncomfortable approaches, but he barely flinched as he continued to come right at us. I started running for the steps and sure enough was stuck having to turn my back to go up the stairs with Anika. The stinking crazy bird flew up and tried attacking my back!! Our poor neighbours… I screamed bloody murder! Sadly, no one has come to see if everything is fine yet… how reassuring. Gotta love country life!

This is worse than having guard dogs! I don’t even feel safe trying to get out of my house. I have to see my midwife this afternoon so I’ll have to get the van armed with my frying pan. Home sweet home…

So I just phoned Duane at work quite shaken up and we may be having Turkey for dinner sometime in the next few days. Anyone up for a feast?


MoonBoy said...

ROFL! Send this to reader's digest, you'll get paid for it, i'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Hold on, did you say midwife?