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Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Imagine That!

Last week, Anika and I were playing with her tea party set and I pretended to pick at some food on my little plate and ate it. “Mmmmm” I said to Anika as she looked at my fingers and then my plate. I did it again and she smiled. I picked at my plate once more and started to bring the imaginary piece of yumminess to Anika’s mouth. To my delight, she opened her mouth, pretended to chew and said “mmmmm”. Next, she picked at her own plate and shared with me!!

It’s so much fun to be witness to someone else discovering pieces of our world, both the tangible and the intangible. It’s one thing when they discover grass or their reflection in the mirror. But it’s a whole other feeling when you witness them discovering thought, memory and make belief. The mind is so powerful… thoughts direct our actions and reactions… I pray that I can nurture Anika’s discovery of this in the most life-giving way. God almighty, give me the wisdom to shed Your light upon my children’s discoveries… that they may see you in all things. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you often wonder just what exactly is running through their little minds? It really is fun watching them learn the skill of pretending and just play.