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Saturday, 29 December 2001

Officially admitted to Children's Hospital

It is now nearly one in the morning and once again I have just walked home to silence. It has been a long day and only now have James and I walked in from our stay in the hospital.

We nearly lost our little Isabel. When we got to the hospital, her oxygen saturation was at 84% and normally it is anywhere between 98-100. Her heart was beating so rapidly in attempting to work so hard and her breathing was quick and shallow. She could not even move or complain. So as we speak, Isabel is on oxygen and may very well be for some time.

X-rays showed fluid in the lungs which we were concerned about because of her constant vomiting and choking. It is now confirmed that she has pneumonia and is on antibiotics. X-rays of the gut also showed air in large portions throughout her intestines but none near the large intestine. There is concern of obstruction and further investigation is in store for tomorrow.

She has lost two pounds and therefore weighs only fourteen pounds, ten ounces. It has been an endless battle to get her to sixteen pounds. I cannot imagine the challenge if we have just set ourselves back another year.

The doctors were so much better!!!! We had only two instead of six! The senior resident doctor was a young, compassionate woman who listened to my flow of questions, concerns and goal as Isabel's parents. She explained what she saw in the X-rays and talked to us about possible course of action. We told her we wanted a different pediatrician and found one within Children's Clinic. We will meet him tomorrow. I pray God has led us to this one for a reason...

There was talk of the possiblity of a ventilator and of possible surgery to the gut, but nothing has furthered that concern.

Isabel is finally sleeping peacefully without waking from vomiting, from pain, fatigue nor fear. She rests as angels dance above her and as your prayers settle into her.

I miss her. I love her so much. She is my little Isabel Faith and I am grateful for a much more positive experience with Children's Hospital.

May dreams dance in her head and the moon sing in my absence. She will rest peacefully and so will I knowing that she is safe.

Goodnight, my friends. May you also rest peacefully in dreams of life and laughter, and sunshine to fill the rest of your days. I will keep you posted...

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