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Thursday, 6 December 2001

God bless you all!

I cannot begin to describe the feeling of calmness that has settled over me as I have read each one of your loving messages. Thank you for the peace in my heart. It is as though a thousand hands are reaching out to me and I cannot fall amidst their presence. It truly is a heavenly touch that has renewed my energy, cleared my mind and settled my soul.

I am almost tempted to paste and send you a collage of your love and support for it truly is breathtaking. Even in the midst of your own lives, you have reached mine. I pray that as you all take in your own trials and tribulations, a blanket of God's blessings fall upon you and remind you always of the gratitude in my heart. For I cannot even begin to explain the surrealness of this touch of peace. I can breathe.

Let me tell you what your prayers and your tears have done...

Isabel is stable and miraculously, she slept through the night! She is filling her diapers and dehydration is no longer a concern. Her heart rate has dropped down to normal and her electolytes are back to normal as well. We tried to feed her today, but she threw it all we will try again tomorrow.

We are fighting for our concerns to be heard, amidst them is the fear of medicating Isabel rather than addressing the issue. Her body is rejecting the simplest formula out there, what does this mean? We have left a message with Dr.Nielson who, as some of you know, is a Homeopathe who has made significant changes in peoples' lives. We hope to have a voice through her that will look at alternatives to Isabel's intolerance rather than schedule an operation for a fundaplacation (an invasive procedure where they tighten the base of the aesophagus (sp?) to prevent reflux).

Isabel is a fighter. She always has been. She would not be here today if she wasn't. She looked at me today with such appreciation, and I know her little spirit can conquer this. We will figure this out and we will let her be free. No meds, no operations, no nothing that God didn't intend to have in her! We pray that it is His Will that she thrive in this manner.

Victoria is the twelve year old girl in the bed next to Isabel. She has graciously taken on the role of honorary big sister and is quite protective of our Isabel. It has broken my heart to hear of her story and how she has been in the hospital for most of her life. Her kidneys are failing and she is on morphine for the pain. I ask that you include her in your prayers for I spoke with her and loved her and nearly took her on my lap to hold her. Her eyes are old and her body looks worn. God bless Victoria and the journey of her story.

All in all, the house is quiet yet again tonight, but my heart is peaceful knowing that our Isabel sleeps with her little clown next to her and her "Little Bear" videos in the VCR ready when she is... She will not be coming home until she can keep food in her, so let us pray for her clever little body, and for the right questions to lead us to the right answers.

Thank you for the sound of angels that surround me. I know it is your prayers, and I feel safe. God bless you all!

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