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Friday, 4 January 2013

Music to my ears

The sun has set, the shofar has been blown, the candles were lit and a fresh loaf of challah bread is waiting tantalizingly on the table next to some butter... everything in place to welcome another Sabbath.  I sit and type the sounds of this weekly slice of heaven...

Melina is behind me on the iMac learning to play her ukalale (I think that makes her ultra awesomely cool!).  The strings are being pluked and the sound resonates a merriment that makes me smile.  Honestly, who can be grumpy EVER when a ukalele is being played?

Contrary to the happiness of the ukalale is the sound of Sivana's occasional whines as she continues to recover from nearly five days of high fevers.  But she squeals suddenly in delight as her brother goes racing by using Avalyn's baby walker as a skateboard!

Ukalale, sudden squeals of joy, wheels racing by and the occasional "YES!" from Ethan as he skids around the corner (sigh)... Duane's laughter as he realizes what our son is doing... a laughter that sounds somewhat triumphant like he knows exactly whatever is running through Ethan's veins that makes him try dare-devil tricks with even simple baby equipment!  And now Sivana is crying because her brother decided to skid over her toes!  Papa Bear to the rescue.

I hear Isabel's movie in the background, Finding Nemo, (one of her alltime favs) and I can imagine that Anika is sitting next to her.  She is also recovering from five or six days of high fevers.  She has lost quite a bit of weight but her energy seems to be starting to come back today.

The baby monitor has gone quiet as Avalyn finally settles into her last nap of the day. 

Antoinette is like a ninja weaving in and out of the chaos picking up after the kids, wiping noses (but only the kids'!) and making sure everything is running in order... or as much order as can be found in this house at this stage of our lives.

And then there is the plunking sounds of my fingers on the keyboard.  I am using Duane's PC which is next to my iMac (which is being used by my ukalale-plucking daughter).  And now Sivana is trying to sing with her strumming to "Somewhere over the rainbow."

This is my pot of gold... right here, right now. 

It's been an incredibly long week... nothing accomplished other than holding one or two kids at a time taking temperatures, placing them in cooling baths, trying to make meals, waking up in the night to Sivana vomitting several nights in a row.  May this Sabbath greet us with the holiness He promised us at Creation... its sanctification bringing us reprieve from our labour both physically, emotionally and mentaly.  A time to spend together as family, singing, praying, studying God's word and growing stronger as a family.

My favourite day of the week.

May this Sabbath greet you all out there ready for a reprieve from your own labours.  May you find peace and rest until tomorrow's sundown and beyond.  May you feel Him reaching out to you, whether consciously or unconsciously, and may you meet with Him like a promised weekly date-night! :)  And may you find joy in His love for you, for His creation, because as He saw it, "It is good."  God bless you all out there.

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